Social Media for Non-Profits - Green Bay Non-Profit Resource Group

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You can either view the slides via SlideShare below or click here to download the slides from the event.

The Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide

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This is the Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide from IdealWare that I mentioned at the session.  It's a great resource for all non-profits considering social media.  Well researched and thorough.

Click here to download The Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide

Social Media e-Books

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Below are a couple of great e-books on social media from Toby Bloomberg and Dana VanDen Heuvel. Click any one of the images below to download each e-book.

Social Media GPS

MarkeTech Guide to Social Media Technology

Social Media Handouts

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When you're 'selling social media internally' it sometimes helps to have some handouts and resources availalbe as a leave-behind for your internal audience. Below are some quick 'hot sheets' on a variety of social media topics. If you were looking for some quick primers on the following topics, I encourage you to download the handouts. You download each of the PDFs below, or see all of the documents here.

Blogging Handout Digital Marketing Handout
Get the Blogging Handout PDF Get the Digital Marketing Handout PDF
Facebook Handout LinkedIn Handout
Get the Facebook Handout PDF Get the LinkedIn Handout PDF
SEO Handout Social Media Handout
Get the Search Engine Handout PDF Get the Social Media Handout PDF

Download the handouts from the event website »

Top Tools for Social Media Management

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This list contains the complete list of top tools that we recommend across the various categories of social media. The list also includes a healthy set of resources on additional tools for effectively managing your social media presence.

Social Media - Top Tools for Social Media Management [PDF]

Example Social Media Strategies

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The following are a series of social media strategy documents that we've collected that should give you some perspective on how other organizations have created written social media strategies for their organizations.

The Chairman's 2010 Social Media Strategy (Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Public Affairs)

City of Austin - Social Media Strategy Report

Social Media Strategy Framework
- (by: Advanced Human Technologies)

How to develop a successful "Social Network Strategy" (by: Terrance Barkan CAE, Globalization Strategies)

Social Media Strategy Documents

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Facebook ROI articles

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These are the links to the articles I mentioned in class about the ROI of Facebook as reported in the Harvard Business Review.

One Café Chain's Facebook Experiment

Evidence that Facebook Works as Marketing Tool

Air Force Blog Comment Workflow

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This is the Air Force blog comment decision tree diagram that we worked through in class.


300 Social Media Case Studies

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